Thursday, December 18, 2003

One retains the strangest things when reading Lit Theory stuff...
Literature, according to these recent discourse theories, re-presents and refracts reality. Indeed, language itself constitutes reality; it also produces distortions... literature represents reality; but reality is grounded in convention, not nature and it is subject to illusion. - Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism

Conversation with friend:
Me: am reading the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism and had a nice insight into Language -- language reflects reality, yet, at the same time, because of the use of tropes and whatnots, distorts it
B: define tropes and whatnots..
Me: i can't really -- but i can give a good example, for instance, in the sentence "i like you" -- the sentence seems simple enough -- very linear. there is an "i" who likes a "you" -- but liking someone is never _that_ simple di ba? -- this is where language deceives us but, at the same time, that _is_ reality -- there is no way to reflect how complicated it is to like someone ^_^
B: Also deceives us offhand because our cognitive functions assume we know what it means.
Me: yeah, see ^_^
B: We automatically assume certain things when the complexity of it demands rediscovery everytime.

* * *

Been busy these past few days -- but when I look back at it, I really don't remember what I've been doing. It's all been a blur of things that need to be done and things I did (for kicks).

Last Tuesday, I had dinner out with friends. We met up at Chicken Lickin' at the GT Tower foodcourt (nice place, btw). I usually don't like Makati, but, that evening, the city looked soooooo beautiful and the weather was perfect. I told my friend, "Okay, I will give you this. I love Makati tonight. But just tonight."


* * *

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