Monday, September 20, 2004

Pretty pictures! --

Ah, what a great weekend for my J and I -- we have two nice new pictures to add to our collection of "us.jpgs" ^_^

The first one is a picture my mom took of us on the overpass -- yes, the overpass. It was after we went to lunch at Panciteria Lido with my parents. My mom still have some film in her camera and had been bugging us about taking pictures.

My J and I couldn't refuse and am glad we didn't. We look sooooo cute in the picture --

... too bad I can't scan it yet.

Here's the other one --

Last Saturday, I was interviewed for a newspaper article last Saturday and my friend Jing (sorry -- had to name you because people might confuse you for my J ^_^) took this picture of my and my J.

Hay naku, we look so serious kuno -- examine the picture and discover that I am actually reading the comics section (feeling ko, I was *ahem* browsing the horoscopes pa nga eh ^_^)

But it's a nice pic -- thanks, Jing ^_^

* * *

Yes, another entry about food --

My parents are in town because my cousin (from my mother's side) got married. My parents brought batchoy from Iloilo.

It was such a thrill to have my J taste real batchoy for the first time. (And am glad he likes it)

And I'm really enjoying the Jollibee value meal for Chickenjoy and Palabok --

And their Mais Con Yelo ice craze.

~sigh~ So much food! >_<

* * *

What's your name? --

According to this, this is my Hawaiian name: Kahalikine

And this is my J's: Iohana

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