Thursday, September 30, 2004

Things I want to do during the sem break --

With the papers piling up, two things keep me sane: my J and the thought that sem break is in two weeks.

I was supposed to go home to Iloilo, but the enrollment sked of Ateneo wouldn't permit me to stay long.

So I'm spending my sem break here --

1. Clean and re-organize my closet. The clothes I wear when I teach are completely different from my usual clothes. I really need to fix up my closet so I won't have trouble getting ready for work na.

2. Go on a day trip out of town. My J gets Saturdays and Sundays free -- which are my days off also. The road trip last Saturday with friends was so much fun. Maybe we could plan another one for October. ^_^

3. Learn how to drive. I think 26 is a good age to learn. ^_____^

4. Update my closet. This will happen after I finish sorting through my clothes.

... but first, I have to check papers.

Bleh =P

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