Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Conversations --

I've written and rewritten this post several times now -- each time, I feel as though I did not do justice to the experiences -- this, I felt, would.

Things we talked about --
With Gabs, over Gayuma's Moreno and fresh mango shake:
- the present is a tricky place to be in
- mike gayle's books
- the time traveler's wife
- a cake called 'better than sex'
- love deceives us into thinking that it is simple, when it is, in fact, complicated
- shoes
- missing school

With Mahar, over Cibo and then over Breadtalk:
- pink candles
- the powers of retail therapy
- bangkok traffic
- theater
- good books and good bread

With V, co-faculty and program head for Lit majors in the caf, over food bought from the Ateneo Co-Op:
- Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber's time as space
- Time as flow, Alan Lightman's time and how to teach tenses
- dark sides
- glass towers and flaneurs
- photography

More people to have meals with please? And bring good conversation onegai. ^_^

* * *

*Rub rub* & *drop drop*: Elbows & names --

Attended a function last Monday to honor Manny Pacquiao, Brian Villoria and Boomboom Gonzales. (They're boxers who currently hold WBC titles for their divisions.) It was really surreal to be in the same room as Noli de Castro, Chavit Singson and other high-ranking government officials.

While the rest of the room clapped after the hosts proclaimed Pacquiao a "National Hero," I cringed and started working out the critical implications of that label. The best and most interesting part was when the dinner was over and people started swarming to the VIP tables. I could imagine breastpockets full of calling cards and able hands that can whip out one in less than a second. Camera phones were ready in hand as well.

Ah, don't you just love _____? <-- fill in the blank with the appropriate word ^_^

Oh, the other interesting thing was when Manny Pacquiao and Brian Villoria performed songs on stage. Guests of honor brought their own entertainment. Curious.

The food was great, though and I was at a table with really wonderful people. ^_^

* * *

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