Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy 2 to my Blog! --

Realized it was October already and my blog turned two last October 5. H'ray! ^_^

* * *

Not looking forward to today --

Spent yesterday afternoon in a cramped office meeting with students who were consulting about their first drafts. It was painful and I came home with a bagful of yucky vibes -- Johann gave me a backrub, but I think I'll need a massage after this week is over.

I'm dreading this morning and tomorrow because I'm having consultations again. Ugh.

Some of my students' works are really nice -- they just need to review their spelling and gramma, but some of them need a major overhaul.

I was also running out of analogies yesterday (to make them understand certain concepts) -- the last analogy I remember giving to one of my students was about window blinds made of synthetic materials. God help me.

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