Friday, October 14, 2005

Sem Break! --

I just have a few papers to check and then I'm uploading my grades on Monday or Tuesday and then I'm done, done, done for the semester.


It's a long semestral break for us -- almost a month and I'm making sure that it's going to be a productive vacation:

To do:
- finish reading AS Byatt's Angels and Insects
- get a copy of Nick Hornby's Long Way Down <-- why do you have to be in hardcover? =(
- learn how to make good arroz caldo (yesterday's experiment sucked big time)
- go to Sonya's with hubby
- go shopping for new clothes and shoes
- do our Christmas shopping
- get a massage

To do (house-related):
- get our bookshelves installed (they're here! they're lovely! now to get them on the walls...)
- get mirrors
- figure out what to do with kitchen cabinets

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