Monday, October 10, 2005

Saturday adventure! --

Last Saturday, Johann and I finally got the chance to visit the Salcedo Weekend Market. We were so excited -- we woke up early and formulated our plan of attack. We had a really light breakfast in anticipation of all the goodies that we would buy at the Market --

We got there at around 9 and it was bustling!

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We went around once just to familiarize ourselves with the layout and a second time to try to see what we would be having for lunch.

There was so much to choose from! >_<

We settled on the Cebu lechon because it looked so yummy --

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We also bought maki, which we munched on while walking around.

I fell in love with the organic mushrooms and tomatoes! I wanted to purchase a bag of each, but we still had a number of errands after Salcedo.

We purchased this bread right before we left and served it to friends when we got home:
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Johann and I are definitely going back (and we might drag my youngest bro with us) --

On our list of must-try:
- Angus beef (PhP150 for every 100g, served with all sorts of goodies)
- Pork Barbecue (which smelled sooooooo goooooooood)
- hot dogs (unlimited condiments and relish -- yummmmm)
- bagels from the New York Bagel Company
- hummus
etc etc

After Salcedo, we took a cab to Mile Long because my brother was craving Melonpan (curse those episodes of Yakitate Japan) -- there's a Japanese food store there called Co-Op where everything is PhP75. They didn't have Melonpan, but we did get a really great selection of bread for my brother.

Our errands took us to Makati Cinema Square and to Greenbelt (we got a gift certificate to a Foot Spa from The Spa, unfortunately, they were booked until late that afternoon and we didn't have the time to wait) and finally to Handyman in Pioneer.

The Handyman branch in Pioneer has a carpentry center where you can have furniture (wooden pieces) made -- you pay for the cost of the materials and labor and *poof* in a week or two, you will have a piece custom-made according to your preference.

We had our bookshelves done there -- and we're getting them in a week. (Finally! T_T) and it costs 1/6 of the last quotation we got from a carpenter. (Yay to the pennypinchers!)

* * *

Finished Reading --

Audrey Niffeneger's The Time Traveler's Wife today. (Thanks Gabs for lending it to me) --

Funny thing was, I decided to read it while I was proctoring the En10 exam -- I started getting teary-eyed as I was reading and I had to contain myself because I was in front of my class.

It's a lovely book -- ^_^

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