Friday, October 21, 2005

Reunions --

Yesterday, I bumped into so many old acquaintances --

- a friend from college and his wife (my best memory of this person is being groupmates with him for a project in history and we met at my house to work on the project and his sideview mirrors got stolen... twice!)

- a friend from the store (bumped into him in my building -- strange, but it was nice to see him again ^_^)

- two friends from the store, who are more than acquaintances -- when I saw her (the taller one), I ran towards her and gave her a hug. Odd, no?

* * *

Today --

Johann and I visited the Powerbooks Warehouse Sale -- bit disappointed -- thought it would be bigger and the discount also a bit more, but we did manage to find two books which we needed and 20% is still 20%.

We are also completing the house -- our shelves our up and we went to Handyman in Pioneer to get some shelves for the bathroom.

It's nice to see the place slowly take shape. ^_^

* * *

Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend --

Komikon tomorrow. Plus a quick visit to the Salcedo Weekend Market.

And then rest, rest, rest --

And buy Breadtalk and watch more episodes of Yakitate Japan.

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