Friday, April 09, 2004

In a different time, I was such.

Fifteen Years Ago: I was 11 and remember being a brat.

Ten Years Ago: At 16, I was a on my way to Ateneo as a freshman. (Oh, you should have seen me then -- what effing bad fashion sense!)

Five Years Ago: I started grad school in AdMU and had the time of my life. I remember walking around campus and thinking, I wish I could do my college life all over again (except, this time, I will have the clothes I have now then <-- yes, I am vain ^_^)

Two Years Ago: We opened the store and my life changed. Met so many great people. Learned so many new things. ^_^

Yesterday: Did Stations of the Cross with sibs (outdoors = hot!); slept/napped a lot

Today: My day hasn't started yet -- woke up at 4-ish and chatted with my friend C on Y!M. Will probably finish reading the stuff I had set aside for thesis ... ~sigh~ Will probably go hungry and subsist on cup noodles because our housekeeper is on holiday

Tomorrow: I get to spend time with my J and meet his friends. ^_^

* * *

... I found this quiz on M's sister's blog -- I'd answer it, but I think my J is perfect for me, so -- ^_^

On The Perfect Guy:

hair color:
eye color:
six pack:
long or short hair:
straight teeth, gap, or braces:
outgoing or shy:
should he have a best friend:
should he have a lotta of girl friends:
should he love his mother:
should he watch girl movies chick flicks?:
be funny:
be sweet:
be a smoker:
play with your hair:
bring you flowers:
lay under the stars with you:
write poetry about you:
call you honey, sweetie, or baby:
hang out with you and YOUR friends:
walk you to the door at the end:
sing to you:

play guitar:
play piano:
play drums:
clean his room:
paint, draw, sculpt:
writes his own music:
one word:


* * *

Yesterday morning, B decided to test my knowledge of Shakespeare -- his status message on Y!M read: "a canker in the hedge" and he asked me to guess which play it came from --

Am no expert on Shakespeare -- (but I did spend 3++ weeks immersed in the guy's writings a few years ago, and a semester reading his Tragedies, so --)

My first guess was Othello and then Hamlet. But he told me I was wrong.

So I asked him to tell me whether it was from a tragedy, comedy or historical play.

He said it came from a comedy.

So I guessed "Much Ado" --

(which was correct ^_^) and then he made me guess which character said those lines.

First guess was Puck, which I quickly corrected (wrong play! =P)

And then I said "John" -- which was correct. ^_^ (*yay!* to me ^_^)

I asked him if he was impressed, because I was impressed -- I haven't read Shakespeare in over two years and I pulled all that from memory -- (and me with my mind like a sieve...)

but I love Shakespeare -- he is a genius.

* * *

Am currently listening to an a capella version of Sting's "Fields of Gold" -- goosebumps! ^_^

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