Friday, July 13, 2007

A chocolate called "Dream" --

In the beginning was chocolate, just chocolate --

Then we had the variations: white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, candy-coated chocolate, chocolate with nuts, etc.

The wonderful people at Lotte decided to change the way we see chocolate -- they released "Dream Cacao" --

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Notice the percentage on the label -- this indicates the amount of cacao in the chocolate. The 56% is their dark chocolate (and what a glorious dark chocolate it is!) and it also comes in 72%, which I want to try!

Our friend gave us this bottle, which contains the chocolate in bite-size chunks but Dream Cacao is also available in bar form, which I want to try!

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The chocolate is also available in Japan but with 70%, 77% and 88% Cacao. O_O

* * *

In addition --

The higher the percentage, the more bitter the chocolate is. So, if you think about it, the 56% is their mildest and "sweetest" -- ^_^

More interesting information about high-percentage chocolate here.

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