Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have a new number --

I've mentioned planning to switch mobile providers in a previous entry and, yesterday, Johann and I finally went ahead and did so.

So now, I have a Globe post-paid number (so does Johann) --

I sent a text message to as many people as I could but my own phone directory is woefully out of date.

If you didn't receive the text message from me, please send me an email or a private message (at Multiply) or poke me so I can give you my new number.

I am very happy with our new numbers -- the last four digits of Johann's is Seth's birthday and mine is the number after (for easy recall).

* * *

HARRY POTTER BOOK 7! (caps intended) --

I can't believe today's the day it all ends. What an amazing run! What an amazing series.

We are going to try to get a copy later at our local National Bookstore. I wasn't planning to (I had asked my youngest brother to get me a copy in Singapore), but Johann and my sister want to get it NOW. So we will try to get one later.

The big question now is -- Who gets to read it first.

The battle begins. Lol.


mrshobbes said...

I just got back from National Shangri-La with my copy. Or rather, as was the case of the last two books, my copy, my hubby's copy, my brother and sister's copy. How do we decide how gets to read first?

Bato, bato, pick ;D

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Hi, mrshobbes!

Did you reserve your copy or did you just go and pick up one?

Here in Iloilo, they won't be selling copies until they accommodate all of the reservations.

We just might have my brother get it for us. ^_^

My sister and hubby are both fast readers -- I don't really mind going last. ^_^

Thyalla said...

*pokes you co'z she didn't receive a text message* T_T

Tin (ni Johann) said...

hi, thylla!

i sent you a private message via multiply ^_^

jymdrn said...

yey for Globe! (hehe, wala lang, been a loyal globe subscriber since 2002) :b