Monday, July 09, 2007

An Interesting Sunday --

After church yesterday, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some supplies --

And we saw the mayor doing his grocery shopping! I got to shake his hand. ^_^

I liked that he didn't have bodyguards with him and that he was very nice to the people behind the counter. He was with his son and they were choosing some ribs and other things.

I'm glad he won the elections. ^_^

* * *

Call me Typhoid Mary --

I had a cold last week and was very good about taking my vitamins and medicine and then I got better. Last Thursday, Seth started having a runny nose (but no congestion) so we thought it was his rhinitis acting up -- but it turned into a full-blown cold last Friday.

He's better now.

Yesterday, Johann started sniffling and we thought he was having an allergy attack --

And this morning he told me his throat hurt.


* * *

6 weeks! --

I'm really looking forward to going to Singapore. I'm mentally making a list of everything I want to buy and the places I want to visit.

We've filed for our vacation leave and, thankfully, it was approved. ^_^

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