Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Out of the rut --

Possession is one of those books I read at least once each year. I have been in a book rut for the past few weeks so I decided to pick it up and read it.

This book is truly magical and, every time I read it, I am spellbound.

I have read a few of AS Byatt's other works and, while they are all very well-written and skillfully wrought, Possession remains my favorite.

I have to thank DM Reyes for introducing me to this book in our graduate class. Back then, I did not understand why a teacher was willing to postpone discussing a book until everyone had read it -- we changed the entire flow of the syllabus because he wanted to make sure that we had all read it.

Yes, it is that kind of book.

So I am reading it slowly now -- savoring the words and allowing myself to be swept away by Byatt's brilliance.

* * *

My Harry Potter post --

We watched it when it opened last Wednesday. The theater was surprisingly full but not packed --

The book was, for me, the most difficult to read so I was very curious about how it would be adapted for the big screen.

I was very happy with the actress playing Luna. I thought she really did justice to the role. On the other hand, I really didn't like the actress playing Cho. She lacks that certain something that make Harry's infatuation with her believable.

How does one fit a story 800++ pages long into 2++ hours? By cutting out some parts and focusing on the essentials of this installation. I thought David Yates did a pretty decent job editing out those parts -- although I felt he overdid it a little.

The choice of director was also very curious -- David Yates' only other "big" film was a quiet little movie called The Girl in the Cafe, which I have never seen but I remember it making waves at the Oscars.

While Cuaron was really able to show his style in the 3rd movie (which is still my favorite), Yates seems to have gotten lost in the whole "blockbuster" that is Harry Potter. The film felt a bit ... schizophrenic in some parts. There were times it felt arthouse-y and other parts where it felt like an action/effects extravaganza.

Did I like the movie? Yes. Do I think it's the best one in the series so far? No. But, then again, in a 7-part anything, a so-so point is inevitable.

Yates is directing the next installation -- maybe the second time's the charm for him? ^_^

* * *

Why I am not losing weight --

A Korean Grocery store opened 2 blocks from my house. Yesterday, we splurged and bought Korean ice cream. I got one that had vanilla and red bean. Yum!

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