Monday, July 23, 2007

reminiscing --

Johann found a copy of "Now Playing" a US magazine that focuses on pop culture --

He thought it would be a great idea if the Philippines could publish a magazine similar to this -- he then started naming a lot of names that belong to Pinoy Pop Culture --

Iskul Bukol
Megastar/Star for all Seasons/all the other -Stars we have have concocted
Kuya Germs
That's Entertainment etc.

Of the many things he named, one stuck to my mind: Coney Island Ice Cream

It brought back a lot of good memories -- of ice cream that wasn't vanilla or chocolate or rocky road. I remember saving up my weekly allowance so I could buy a cone -- I remember the daily wait for the sundo outside Iloilo Supermarket and the Coney Island stand would just be behind me, teasing me with all the colorful ice cream. (Ah, bubblegum --) Coney Island ice cream also gave me my first taste of Pistachio ice cream, which is one of my siblings absolute favorite flavors. (I think we like ALL ice cream, except BTIC Banana Pecan.)

What happened to them? Where are they now?

* * *

In other news --

This time two years ago, Johann and I were in a room, in a bed -- SLEEPING.

Our wedding reception had just ended and we were tired. We slept until 730 in the evening and realized we were hungry. Johann went out and bought Chowking Chicken -- and we ate a whole chicken. Just the two of us.

Happy 2, dear. May we have many more anniversaries to celebrate ... together. ^_^

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