Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on the Spam thingy --

I got an email late yesterday from Blogger telling me that my blog is clear and I could post in it again -- which is why Seth's newsletter was a little delayed.

It was odd, though -- I wonder how they thought my blog was a spam blog.

* * *

The Gabs Invasion --

When dear Gabby contacted me telling me that she would be in Kalibo and was planning to visit us here in Iloilo, I was considering telling her not to -- it is a 4-hour++ bus ride from Kalibo to Iloilo and I worried about her.

But I was a selfish Tin who wanted her friend to visit her --

So, she was able to take the last bus out of Kalibo and arrived in Iloilo at around 830pm -- we fetched her and had a late dinner with her.

The next day, she had to have her ticket changed and I had work so we spent time in the afternoon.

I was so happy that she was here -- that I had someone to talk to. (Don't get me wrong -- my sister and hubby are wonderful people to talk to as well. ^_^) I really like that, despite not having seen each other for a year, the closeness was still there. We just jumped into various topics and picked up where we left off a year ago.

She left yesterday afternoon and I brought her to the new airport --

Before she left, we treated her to the 30-inch pizza from Dos Marias (Originally Mama Maria) --

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We also made plans to meet up when we are in Singapore next month.

* * *

More on the 30-inch pizza --

We normally order the 20-inch version, which is good for 2 meals for us but, because Gabby was here, we decided to get the 30-inch pizza.

The pizza is so big they need to have bamboo supports on the box --

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What I love about this pizza is that the crust is thin (which I like) and crisp (which I like) and the sauce is yummy.

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