Friday, July 30, 2004

Empty Seat --

Just finished reading Craig Thompson's Carnet de Voyage -- a three-month chronicle of his travels through France and Morocco -- (it's a lovely, lovely read!!!)

There is this scene in the graphic novel where Craig is sitting alone in his hotel room and the caption is "Two hotel beds to myself"

I know what that feels like --

When I went to the UK four years ago, I was alone --
it was so strange to be sitting in an airplane and not have anyone to talk to or lean on (to sleep)
it felt weird to see all these pairs and groups going around and I was always walking by myself
the worst is going back to the hotel room, seeing the two beds and knowing that no one will sleep on the other bed


Resil Mojares once wrote that all traveling is solitary -- when I read that, it made sense and I didn't question it.

(But I would still rather be solitary with someone else than be solitary on my own.) ^_^

* * *

Sweet like candy to my soul --

Spent the early part of last night watching Dave Matthews videos with my J -- we got the DVD as a present for my bro who is a huge DMB fan.

It's a DVD that contains all the DMB videos from the earliest to The Space Between.

When the video for Crash into Me came on (it's my favorite DMB song), I got goosebumps all over --

I really like it that I have my J to share all these experiences with. ^_^

* * *

Tempus fugit!

August is a few days away and it is the last month before the -ber season. Where does the time go? ^_^

My bro has a clever way of keeping track of the days -- he does it by the holiday food. August is Mooncake festival (well, actually it's in September, but we start buying and eating mooncake as early as August 15). October is Halloween so it's candy corn season and then December is the big Christmas feast (fruitcake -- yes, my brother actually loves the stuff). January, February and March are birthday months in my family so it's cake, cake and cake. April is Easter so it's the chocolates and Easter candies.

Etc. ^_^

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