Saturday, February 21, 2004

Attended the viewing of C's documentary. Dragged J along. I thought it was amazing -- (this was the first time I got to see C's work)

I don't think I could be a documentary film maker -- I don't think I could ever maintain that objective distance. (We were probably 10 minutes into the documentary and I was on the verge of crying -- when I told J about this on our way back to the store, he goes "Yes, I noticed.")

Yes, yes -- mababaw ang luha ko -- hell, I cried through Battle Royale (so tragic) and through Mickey's Christmas Carol, etc. etc.

* * *

There's a comet that's going to pass by Venus tonight --

Some people will be going to the Manila Observatory to try to look for it ^_^

* * *

And check this out -- Fuyu no Hi (A Winter's Day) is an animation project by 35 animators based on a 2-line couplet by Basho. ^_^

I want to see this! Curious! ^_^

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