Saturday, February 07, 2004

One down, one to go--

Whew! That was a weird comprehensive exam -- did not expect it at all. Can you say "reductio ad absurdum"? Because that's what it felt like -- I had read up on this for six effing months and have taken down enough notes to fill 12 notebooks (well, those filler notebooks) -- and it came down to two questions.

I don't know if I answered them well enough and I don't know how those questions are going to show that I've "mastered" English Literature ... ~sigh~ I am glad that's over and I just have next weekend to worry about.

* * *

Attended first Friday mass last night in AdMU. They turned on the lights around Parade Loop and it was beautiful! And then I had my moment of grace:

I was sitting there, feeling slightly sorry for myself because I was alone (most people were there with their friends, families or significant others) -- and then ACMG sang this:

Huwag kang mangamba, 'di ka nag-iisa
Sasamahan kita, saan man magpunta
Ika'y mahalaga sa 'King mga mata
Minamahal kita, minamahal kita

-- It was strangely comforting to be reminded of this. Talk about answers! (I still find solace in religion ^_^)

And then I had a nice, quiet walk back to my brother's condo in Burgundy -- it is nice to give in to the silence and just meditate. I stood there, in the field facing Katipunan Avenue and looked up at the sky (though my bro insists it's pollution, I like the colors of the sky) and then across the field to the street (erg, because of the new traffic system) -- and I marvelled at the vastness of this world (and wondered where my place was in it ^_^)

* * *

Am reading Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries (M was reading the series and it intrigued me, so I got copies of the first two books. Now I want to get the next four. Help. ^_^)

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