Thursday, February 05, 2004

Oh yeah, I like my horoscope today -- (
If you're into writing, dear Capricorn, this is the perfect day to sit down at the computer and churn out the words - even if it's only a letter to your mother. Your imagination is especially vivid, your expression clear and understandable, and your vocabulary skills especially acute. If this is a thesis or article, you may spend hours on it - but don't worry. It'll be that much better for it.

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Pedestrians displaced/endangered --

It boggles the mind just how much havoc one man can wreak on Katipunan in a day: the MMDA has implemented a new traffic system for Katipunan Avenue and this has resulted in major inconvenience for poor pedestrians like me ~sigh~

They've closed off the intersection of Gate 3 (and I've heard they've done the same in Miriam). They've turned off the traffic lights, which means you will see cars speeding through Katipunan -- hay naku!

Pedestrians, who were having a hard enough time crossing to Gate 3 before this new system now have to run for their lives in order to get across -- or wait for those traffic officers to lead them across. The other option is to walk all the way to Starbucks so that one can cross safely through the overpass -- effing inconvenient!

Tuesday, the first day of its full implementation (Monday doesn't count -- AdMU and Miriam didn't have classes), there were so many reported cases of minor mishaps because of this new system. Erg--

I really don't see the point of it -- it has just made things more difficult and more dangerous. A friend yesterday had to take a trike (and pay PhP9) just to cross Katipunan. When I was getting ready to go to AdMU, he told me to do the same to save myself the trouble -- but I didn't even bother: if these cars can't even respect pedestrians, why would they stop for a trike? So I decided to brave the new system and crossed -- good thing there was a tanod nearby who helped me. As we were walking, we talked about the new system and he seemed as frustrated about it as I was -- the best they could do was turn on the traffic lights again (told me this was happening today, but it hasn't yet!)

Are they waiting for someone to die before they do something about this? In today's Inquirer, there was an article there regarding Katipunan Avenue and how some people actually studied the possibility of making U-turn slots there -- with Math and stuff, they've shown that it isn't practical putting these U-Turn slots in Katipunan -- something about narrow medians and turning slow = cause traffic. These people studied this for 6 months!

Oh, and they've uprooted the trees and destroyed some of the islands along Corinthians going to White Plains -- what the hell for? Didn't that area have problems with drag racing in the past? And now they're taking away the last semblance of traffic (by this I mean the flow of cars) control in that area --

Damn this country talaga ~sigh~ (I still love it, but it leaves me frustrated and disappointed talaga --)

An apt quote:
Cogsworth: If it's not Baroque, don't fix it.
- Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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Overheard at the snack counter while getting drinks (before watching Last Samurai)
Girl: Paano ba natin bibilangin ang tubig?

... somehow, this question pleases me ^_^

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Compre countdown --
Erm -- it's on Saturday. Have tomorrow left for this -- my fate lies in the hands of two randomly picked readers. Oh well, towel! ^_^

On the plus side -- one more week and I can stop thinking about this and proceed with all the plans I made for post-February 14. Oh joy, oh jubilation! ^_^

First thing is a trip to Mei-Ah for Asian movies fix ^_^ -- rewatched My Sassy Girl two nights ago -- love this movie!

I really have to fix up this year's datebook -- erg, my bro didn't get one from HP so I had to get one and I don't like it as much. Have to grow to like it first. (yes, i am OC about my planners =P)

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