Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Had lunch at that new Persian place (building behind Shakey's) -- loved the lamb ^_^ (and the company was excellent).

For the adventurous, they actually serve brain (and the people I had lunch with ordered it and, apparently, it's not bad -- I'm a wimp when it comes to these things. ^_^;;)

And they have this bell thingie that you can use to call your waiter -- didn't feel comfortable using it. =P

* * *

Spontaneous --

Accompanied D to Megamall to check out computers. We are a bad combination because we like going to all the stores we like to look at everything and we're impulsive buyers (is this a Capricorn trait?) -- but it was fun. Discovered that you get free photographs taken of yourself if you purchase from Gift Gate -- hahahaha, this was funny. (The background was the Hello Kitty gang in Wizard of Oz costumes)

Also hunted for the rare and elusive Meiji jellybeans (for those who haven't tried this -- go and get some from Watson's. I have several friends who are currently "addicted" ^_^) This sells out quickly daw. We went to several Watson's outlets in Megamall and were able to find it in the big Watson's (basement) -- but we were willing to walk to Podium in case we didn't find it there. (I didn't mind walking -- I was wearing my comfy new shoes ^_^)

* * *

A question I was asked:

How uncomplicated do you think you are?

(hehehe, it is very complicated to be this uncomplicated ^_^)

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