Tuesday, February 03, 2004

From M and G's blogs --

1. Bakit ka nahuhuli sa pila bago mag-flag ceremony?
Was never late -- parents made sure we were in school early. Plus, traffic in Iloilo way back when was non-existent -- I could get to school in 10 minutes.

2. Anong favorite mong bilhin sa canteen?
Zest-O -- was kuripot even then. ^_^ -- splurge yung bbq ^_^

3. Na-guidance/principal's/csde office ka na ba?
Hehehe -- yes, I was a completely different person back then ^_^ (ah, the kwento about this -- hehehehe)

4. Sinong favorite teacher mo doon?
So many! I grew up surrounded by teachers and that's what made me want to be one as well -- my nana was a teacher (stayed with me for 3 years) and I remember her collecting the Ripley's Believe It or Not from the newspapers and she had a binder for it -- would spend my evenings reading through those. In HS, it was Mr. Barrera -- best thing he ever said to me in freshman year: "Go ahead and have your fun, but remember that you're a smart kid and you're wasting your talent."

5. Sinong HATEST teacher mo naman?
Speech teacher, junior year -- gave me a failing mark because she didn't like me =P Also didn't like my Chinese Math teacher, effing psycho!

6. San ka usually tumatambay? Why?
Classroom or library -- because all of my friends were there ^_^ During weekends, SEBA (St. Elizabeth Bowling Alley) for duckpin bowling!

7. What's your most unforgettable experience sa high school mo?
- Taking a trip to Bacolod to take the DLSU entrance exam.
- Grad Ball.
- Going to Guimaras with my Chinese section and having your teacher tell you: "If you're going to swear, might as well be in a language that everyone will understand."
- Taiwan for a scouting jamboree. etc. etc.

8.most unforgettable anything in high school:
- the projects for English class -- (a shadow puppet version of Princess Bride - lol!)
- proms! hehehe ^_^
- the variety shows during Foundation Day
- tango during PE
- being able to speak fluent Mandarin (lost this ~sigh~)
- Home Ec classes -- poor favorite teachers had to suffer through our yucky jams)
- general cleaning days ^_^ (only in my school --)
- my batch participating in the dinagyang!!! (fun! but exhausting -- no we did not rub ourselves with charcoal --)

8. Varsity?
Erm -- no

9. Sinong una mong nakilala sa high school mo?
I knew everyone na -- grew up with these people ^_^

10. Sinong mga kabarkada mo nung nag-graduate ka from HS?
Abbie, Cheng, Dexter, Betty, Chunleng, etc.

11. Na-mimiss mo na ba yung uniform mo?
Erm -- not really. I loved our Hok bu uniform (one day a week, the upper classmen are required to "serve" the school as monitors, etc. etc. -- you wore a different uniform from the rest)

12. Ilang beses mo nang nawawala ung ID mo?
Never ^_^ -- not that it was ever needed.

13. Favorite teacher's quotable quote?
One of the last things he said to me: "Go to Ateneo. You can thank me later." (Didn't plan on going to Ateneo. Was intending to take up Med until I discovered I was afraid of needles and blood -- ugh!)

14. Most unforgettable person? Why?
Hehehe, won't mention his name na lang. But because of what he meant to me back then. To this day, it amazes me just how well he knew me.

15. Kelan sa tingin mo dadating ang yearbook?
Hehehe -- we were responsible enough to have it out by summer time. (was associate editor -- but it was really our eic who did all the work) ^_^

16. I-describe ang mukha mo sa grad pic.
Had longer hair then -- looked younger and thinner. erg--

17. Anong binibili mo sa labas tuwing uwian?
Ice cream! Double Dutch ^_^

18. Nakakita ka na ba ng multo sa school?
No, thank God. But there are a lot of stories about my school and I've been there late at night and it does get really scary--

19. Nangarag ka ba sa updating/paghahabol sa graduation?
Don't know what "nangarag" means =(

20. Anung unang-una mong ginawa right after graduation?
Congratulated all of my batchmates. Rushed off to get ready for the Grad Ball (was one of the organizers). Took pictures with parents and friends.

21. Anong contests ang sinalihan/napanalunan mo?
Spelling! -- was school champ (naks!) Competed in the ISAAA (Interschool thingy) and won 2nd or 3rd -- don't remember na. Was emcee to a lot of school events -- lord. Had to lead the national anthem pa =P

22. Kamusta naman ang Intrams?
Bleh -- honors section. We sucked at it ^_^

23. Favorite Janitor/Janitress?
Can't remember any --

24. Kung papalitan ang color ng uniform natin, anong kulay? Baket?
The colors were okay (blue and white) -- just didn't like that the top was white and you had to wear a camisole

25. Nasa Friendster mo ba yung crush mo sa HS mo dati?
No -- ^_^

26. Did you ever regret going to ur HS?
Never -- there were so many instances when I was made to choose between my HS and some other school and I always chose my school. I loved my life there.

27. Kilala mo ba kung sino ang nag-post nito at sino siya sa school?
I know them -- but not through HS (hehehe -- golly, don't I wish I were that young ^_^)

28. Sino sa mga ka-batch natin ang dapat napasali sa STARSTRUCK?
Impok, because he had a nice voice -- but I don't think his parents would let him -- lol! Si Cris, (i still remember her singing Mary Magdalene's song from Jesus Christ Superstar) -- but she's a numerary now for Opus Dei ^_^

29. San ka na nag-aaral ngayon? Course?
Ateneo, MA EngLit

30. Sino ang peborit labs team of dem all mo?
Ma'am Bermudo and our PE teacher -- think they got married na ^_^

31. Anu-ano ang mga section mo?
erm -- Sampaguita (for 4 years! -- actually, since grade school: you "bring" your section with you)

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