Sunday, February 08, 2004

Currently listening to Lea Salonga singing "Something More" from Something More: Songs for Skeptics (JesCom)

Where are You, You whom I seek to know?
Are You the One I'm looking for?
Show Your face.
Why don't You break Your silence now?
Tame the stormy seas within me.
Name these shadows trapped inside me.
Claim this lost and frightened child you see in me.

* * *

I really enjoy my conversations with F. She has a way of looking at things and asking the right questions. And she lets me talk and I know that she's listening (and this is something because we both have really short attention spans ^_^) -- it is sooooo wonderful! And I'm glad we took our compre at the same time -- it would have been more nerve-wracking if she weren't there.

At lunch, after our compre, she shared the lyrics of Something More with me and I remembered her saying these lines and I knew I needed to hear the song.

* * *

Just came from Footloose, staged by Blue Repertory--

Mama says
Don't use a toaster while standing in the shower
Now who an argue with that?
Mama says
Don't hold your breath for longer than an hour
The woman knows where it's at!
Mama says
Don't drink hot coffee lying down in bed
Don't even give it a thought
Mama says
Never eat anything bigger than your head
Is she a whiz or what?

... I like Williard's mama ^_^

And this one --

I'm tired of feeling nothing but numb
Maybe the time has come
To finally let the world in
But how do I begin?

... "wow!", di ba?

Too bad today was the last show, would have wanted to drag more people to watch it. It was soooooo much fun! Here's hoping they restage it. ^_^

What made it even more fun was watching it with theater friends -- Mahar, Nikka, Paul and Phil. (Too bad the others didn't go --) I haven't seen these people in a bit (Phil, especially) but it was all very comfortable and pleasant. I love this bunch -- wish we could meet up and watch more plays and musicals more often...

* * *

Wow, I had a great Sunday ^_^

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