Sunday, February 29, 2004

currently listening to Sarah McLachlan's latest album Afterglow -- am on track 4 and am loving what am hearing ^_^

* * *

How I Spent Leap Year Day:

Bought Mike Gayle's other book, Mr. Commitment at Powerbooks, met up with J for lunch (was with bro) -- we decided to watch Something's Gotta Give, whcih I thoroughly enjoyed -- Keanu Reeves as a doctor ^^).

I liked the story -- Diane Keaton was amazing! (I hope I grow old as well as she did.)

... isn't it amazing how we can condense 5 hours of my life into 4 lines of text? ^_^

* * *

And so endeth hectic week --
Didn't realize how tired I was until I fell asleep at 730 last night.

I went to check for the results of the compre, but it seems they haven't even checked the papers -- oh well, more time to worry about it =P

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