Saturday, May 22, 2004

Ah, I like what this means -- ^_^

This is fun ^_^

The sensation of suddenly feeling that your entire life is a plot device.

Try it out! (Had to take out the actual meme because it was affecting the layout again)

* * *

Lomo goodness --

So last week my J and our friend C brought me to UP's Beachhouse -- I decided to bring along my supersampler so I could take pictures inside UP (a change of scenery for me ^_^)

Here are some -- (apologies for the quality -- the supersampler doesn't have a flash so some are grainy and my scanner is almost dead)


Siyempre, I haven't asked permission to load these pics --

Anyhoo --

This is a nice shot of my J and C

Sunken Garden!!!

~tee hee~

~tee hee~ part 2

pretty sky! (I also like how the pedestrian lane looks in each frame)

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