Monday, May 10, 2004

New Blog Template--

Saw that Blogger had new templates to offer and this one was just too cute to pass up. My J also changed his blog template -- hehehehe ^_^

Sorry if the whole thing is a mess -- am ignorant of html codes and whatnot. If you guys see anything wrong, please let me know and I will have my bro fix it for me.

* * *

What I did today--

Well, I didn't go out to vote -- (I just don't believe in the system right now).

Spent the morning playing pRO and watched Iron Chef with my sibs on the new cable channel: ETC.

My J came by in the afternoon and we went to Greenhills Shopping Center -- it seems that the two of us have been seeking out and sampling Sago't Gulaman from every establishment we come across. So far, we haven't found a really yummy one --

We visited Booksale and I found a copy of Willow for my sister. There are also 4 copies of Gregory Maguire's Mirror, Mirror HC available (for PhP185). Will pick up a copy this Friday siguro.

Maguire also wrote Wicked, which was turned into a Broadway musical (and is nominated for the Drama Desk award)

* * *

Can you say "thwarted"? --

My J has been wanting to watch a movie since last Friday. We had dinner with my friends and planned to watch Van Helsing after -- we were in Galleria, but I convinced him to watch it at Theater Mall. So we take a cab to Theater Mall only to discover that we had missed the last full show by about 15 minutes.

Last Sunday, we decide to try again -- we were on our way to Greenhills Shopping Center when it rained really hard. We got stuck in Ash Creek and decided to take shelter in Pancake House (and then Starbucks).


Troy is coming up this Wednesday. I wonder how packed the cinemas will be on Friday -- I really want to watch this one! >_<

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