Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Song --

I've been browsing for a nice meaning for the word "song" and none of them seem to capture that element of singing that seems to involve and affect your total being.

I don't know if that makes sense --

Maybe I can explain it better through some more random thoughts --

Father Galdon always believed that singing was the purest prayer one can offer up to God. There is something about singing that inevitably involves your emotions. You can't possibly sing and not feel it in your heart.

During the lunch masses in Ateneo when I was still a student there, he was known to say, "That was so good, we'll sing it again." And the campus choir would indulge him.

At mass yesterday, while listening to the ACMG choir (they changed their name), L turned to me and said something about how our religious songs are actually love songs -- so different from the soul/gospel music of other places.

They sang one of my favorite songs yesterday -- "Huwag kang mangamba" -- the first time I heard this song, it was just the choir singing it at a concert but, yesterday, it was the entire church singing it.

Huwag kang mangamba
Di ka nag-iisa
Sasamahan kita
Saan ka magpunta...

Something in me recognized the promise that HE (and by "He" I mean God) made and it was so wonderfully comforting. And when it's a lot of people singing it at the same time -- you realize that you aren't alone.

And that thought just made me smile.

* * *

...and there was no light in the world but you --

I love my J. ^_^

* * *

This is cute. Trust me --

My J and I love toy stores and we went crazy going through all the new toys at Kidz Station in Shangrila. The other day, we were with out friend C and spent almost 2 hours inside Toy Kingdom.

Anyhoo -- at Kidz Station, we discovered this nifty little toy (and I thought it would make a perfect gift for one of my bros). See here. ^_^ As you can see, you can make one and have it play in your desktop.

My J and I might "adopt" one later. ^_^

* * *

2046!!! --

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Wong Kar Wai's latest movie was going to be in local theaters today. Siyempre, we watched it (at Shangrila -- which is really nice and comfy. And they have great popcorn)

Ang galing talaga ng vision ni Wong Kar Wai -- there is something about his movies that leaves you breathless and speechless at the end.

Hmmm -- maybe this is because in one scene in the movie, we get to see Tony Leung Chiu Wai's naked behind!!!

OMG! (I clapped through it -- much to my J's dismay ^_^)

Watch it, peeps! (The movie -- not Tony Leung's behind ^_^)

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