Sunday, December 05, 2004

What a day! --

Had a really busy day yesterday -- had to make a trip to Makati on very short notice. I originally planned to make the trip to do the errands today, when it's my J's day off but everyone I needed to see was more available on Saturday than on Sunday.

Traffic was terrible and the heat was unbearable. Ugh!

It was a hectic haring around Makati to make all the needed stops. At around 6, our feet just gave in and we had to make a stop at Starbucks to rest and refresh ourselves.

And then had to go to Makati Cinema Square to find my bro's gift -- he's really into watching these series and, since r!'s been raving about it, I wanted to get him a copy of "The Office"

Sayang it was sold out na.

But I was able to get him Mr. Bean the Animated Series plus CSI Season 3. Yay!

* * *

Dinner! --

Was sooooooo good! My J's been wanting to visit Little Tokyo near Makati Cinema Square for the longest time and we finally made the trip.

The area is a "little" Tokyo -- the path that leads to the restaurants really sets the mood for the place. We settled into an Okonomiyaki place (Kagura) and had to sit at the bar (because the booths were full -- sayang, cool pa naman sana to sit on tatami at a low table).

The food was amazing and the prices were fairly reasonable.

We ordered the Okonomiyaki with Shrimp and Yakisoba with Pork.

Here are the yummy pics!

It is excellent with the Japanese mayo, which we had them serve on the side for *ahem* diet purposes. =P

* * *

Some realizations --

1. I really get cranky and whiny when I'm tired. Yesterday, I was sulking most of the time. My J is very patient about this, which is good. Brat din pala ako. ^_^

2. Am accident prone. Yesterday, I managed to:
a. make my thumb bleed (stubbed it on the zipper of my bag)
b. make my littlest toe bleed (stubbed it on the leg of a table at Mcdo)

3. Big wounds scare the bejesus out of me. The wound on my littlest toe is icky and I couldn't bear to look at it or take off the band-aid we used to cover it from the elements. My J was very nice and very gentle with the whole thing.

* * *

Sun! Sun! Sun! --

Don't you just like how things sound better in threes? ^_^

I sort of made the switch to Sun Cellular na. My J and I bought prepaid simpacks and the 24/7 card.

1. It's hard to load the 24/7 -- I guess this is because a lot of people are using this same service and Sun really hasn't updated its systems to cope with the 1 million subscribers they have. We had to try about 6 to 8 times to load it.

2. Paminsan, the signal does die in certain areas.

3. It's a bit of a pain to send messages paminsan -- you keep getting the "Message Sending Failed" message.

I guess Sun will improve naman in time.

This is curious, though -- it's printed on the back of their card:
Sun Cellular reserves the right to disallow or discontinue 24/7 Unlimited Service at any time and at its sole discretion without encurring any liability whatsoever. This service is strictly for the exclusive private and personal use of the individual subscriber only.

Hmm -- I don't seem to be doing a good job convincing people to switch --
It's biggest pull talaga is the whole "unlimited" thing -- and this is true. My J and I were texting and calling each other like crazy early yesterday trying to coordinate for our errands in Makati.

I'm giving myself a month to try this out, which is why I'm not giving out this number muna. You guys can still contact me through my old number.

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