Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kate Spade checklist: Sophie = check

I've always been interested in the Kate Spade brand but I always thought it was way out of my league --

Then I realized it wasn't!

So now I am starting a Kate Spade collection -- but I have set up some limitations for myself:
1. Nothing above $200
2. Must be classic shapes that I can use for many years

The first thing I got was the Sophie in the classic Noel print.

Kate Spade at ShopStyle
Kate Spade Murray Hill Noel Sophie in Oyster

I had the option to get it in either black, mustard, red or green --

I was so tempted to get it in a bright color (as part of my resolve to step out of my blacks and grays) --

But reason won out and I got the black and white (the very classic "classic noel") ^_^

(As for the less than $200 rule -- I got mine on sale for $119 (plus taxes).

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