Sunday, January 30, 2011

A weekend of British accents --

Johann and I are stuck at home (sort of) because Seth is sick and we need to monitor him.

It hasn't been an uneventful weekend for us, though -- we used the free time to watch The King's Speech yesterday (Colin First should win the Oscar for this portrayal) and we just finished watching Never Let Me Go just now.  We were warned that it would be a depressing film but that is not the feeling I have come away with -- right now I'm actually quietly thinking about how provocative the movie was.  Bottom line, I am in awe.

The King's Speech is about George VI's efforts in trying to correct and speech impediment and the man who helps him.  The late George's speech problem is real but it also becomes a metaphor of how a monarchy that has existed for centuries is coming to terms with the reality of modernization (public broadcast radio) and of war.  I think that George's journey from reluctant successor (and stammerer) to king  was wonderfully portrayed by Colin Firth and I'm glad he got an Oscar nod for this role.

It makes me wonder if Queen Elizabeth or her children (and grandchildren) will watch this movie -- and I wonder what they think of it. ^_^

Never Let Me Go is a very timely movie (interestingly enough, it's set in the late 70s to mid-90s = almost a "period" piece) -- at a time when we are trying to push the boundaries of science and trying to improve the quality of life of the human race, one wonders at what cost this is all happening.  The movie is set in a different reality -- about 3 children and their pre-determined futures.

There is a sadness to the movie -- the attempt to delay (but not deny) their future; the reflection on the brevity of life and its meaning; of love and friendship --

I was especially moved by Kathy's (Carey Mulligan) final thoughts at the end of the movie -- We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time. 

For those who plan to watch Never Let Me Go, I will share the same warning we got when we told friends we were watching it:  Have a happy movie lined up after this one.  ^_^

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