Monday, January 24, 2011

Turnlock Love! --

Turnlocks are nice.

I like that it is a completely different way of opening a bag (as opposed to zippers or magnetic clasps) --

I like how structured and mechanical they look.

Here are some bags with turnlocks that I like.

Stevies at ShopStyle
Bexley Stevie from Kate Spade
<-- I wish it came in a nice bright color

 These 2 bags by Madewell are also very nice!

 I like how preppy they look! (I wonder if I can still pull off "preppy" in my advanced age ...)

Madewell at ShopStyle
The Bike Bag

Madewell at ShopStyle
The Scholar Satchel
<-- I've always had a fascination for satchels. And this one is just very, very cute!

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle
<-- I can actually afford this one! And the green is stunning!

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