Thursday, January 06, 2011

Off to a good start! 2 movies in 6 days --

Johann and I found the time to watch Rosario last Tuesday.  In 33 years, I've probably seen only a handful of movies as an adult (as a child, my mom would bring me to the cinema on Sundays to watch Sharon Cuneta/Nora Aunor movies) --

I enjoyed this movie.  One could see that this movie was made with a vision in mind -- and it was carefully crafted and edited to fit the vision.  There were times when it bordered on contrived (scenes where they show the sensual side of the title character) but it was reigned in just in time.

The score was amazing.

The movie is a wonderful example of a "tranche de vie" -- and I was impressed by how carefully and thoughtfully they tried to recreate the era.

The clothes were amazing!  (I love the hats, especially the fascinators!)

Last night, we finished watching Adele Blanc-Sec by Luc Besson -- I was determined to hate this movie but I had to watch it because Johann was watching it.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this film!  Loved it, loved it, loved it!

I love the character of Adele -- such a strong, capable woman (at a time when women were not supposed to be strong and capable) --

I also enjoyed the mummies. =^_^=

... I wonder if it is time for me to watch Inception.  The DVD is out.

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