Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for: Nice jewelry for daily wear --

At one gathering, my husband jokingly observed that, at our table with 7 other women present, I was the only one not wearing any jewelry.

I don't wear my wedding ring (it got tight when I was pregnant with Seth) -- and I don't wear earrings or bracelets or a necklace. I used to -- but, when Seth was about 3 months, we had an unfortunate incident concerning a pretty red beaded necklace (which my brother got for me in India) -- Seth pulled at it and it broke, sending the beads scattering across the floor.

Did I mention this happened during his baptism party? In front of over 100 guests?

But I think I'm ready to wear them again!

One of the items on my Christmas wishlist was a necklace from Bear and the Honeybee on Etsy -- no one got it for me so I'll be getting one for myself.

I'm looking for a nice multi-strand necklace that isn't so expensive -- and isn't so trendy (because I am 33 years old) --

I'm also in the market for bracelets or bangles -- I really like the Kate Spade "Idiom" line --

Kate Spade "An Ace Up Your Sleeve" Black Idiom Bangle Bracelet
Kate Spade "Solid Gold" Gold Idiom Bangle Bracelet

<-- these are part of that line. ^_^

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