Friday, December 02, 2011

December 1: Trip -- What was your best trip in 2011?

2011 was a year of local travel for my family.

We went to Cebu twice (May and August) and to Manila twice* (June and November) --

Each trip we take with the kids, we learn something new about how to manage ourselves and our time.  It's also a chance to break away from habits and routines at home.

I have to say our last trip to Manila was my most favorite one -- we did the tourist-y bit and went to the Science Museum and Manila Ocean Park for the kids.  We had wanted to take the kids to the Salcedo Weekend Market and Museo Pambata but we needed a bit of downtime and just enjoyed the amenities at Sofitel.

I'm glad we decided to stay in the Manila area -- it was my first time to visit Mall of Asia and to see places I've only read about (or seen in pictures): Coconut Palace, etc.

I also understand the allure of Manila Bay.  While the kids were playing on the playground, I would just take a few minutes to enjoy the calm in front of me.  (It was a wonderful way to start and end the day.)

We came away with 1 book and 1 toy per kid so I think we are improving in the shopping department.

We're starting next year with a big trip to Singapore -- all the basics have been arranged already and I'm really excited about how we will manage both kids on an international flight.

We're also planning to take the kids to Davao and Bacolod. ^_^

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