Monday, December 12, 2011

Simple pleasures --

One of the things I look forward to everyday is sitting down on the benches of my kids' school and talking to other moms and yayas --

We talk about the kids and their schoolwork.  We talk about who's teeth are wiggling and who has appointments at which doctor.  We talk about ourselves and how busy we are.  We talk about Christmas plans and where we are going.

It's wonderful to know that we are all in this together -- that we are all sharing each other's experiences.  It makes us happy to see Yaya A's alaga dressed up so nicely and we laugh when Manang B's alaga gives chase.

It's nice to have a breather now and then.

* * *

Looking at the contents and not the bottle --

I stumbled upon this wonderful article just today -- and I read it and reread it and cried over it.

This is why I love reading through blogs -- it's wonderful when someone is able to say so clearly what I sometimes think (in jumbled thoughts) about --

I'm Christian, unless you're Gay by Dan, Single dad to Noah

And there's a wonderful response to it.  Click here for that one.

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