Friday, December 30, 2011

December 17: Word or phrase --

December 17: Word or phrase --
A word that encapsulates your year. “2011 was _____.”

2011 was my year of gifts.

I have had a lavish year -- not in terms of material possessions but in terms of support and love.  My parents and I have a wonderful relationship and I enjoy talking to my mom about the state of the economy (local and national) and the stock market.

My sister provides me with great insight.  Just recently, we were all planning to have dinner out -- and I was fretting about the weather and how the kids might get sick, etc. etc. -- My sister was very no-nonsense and snapped me out of my fretty mode.  (And we all had a great time at dinner and afterwards.)

My husband and I gave our family the gift of travel -- we went to Cebu a few times and then we decided to stay in a different part of Metro Manila -- and had a grand time exploring all the tourist attractions in that area.  (Kids loved, loved the Science Museum and Manila Ocean Park.)

I have also been fortunate to have been gifted very excellent friends.  Dear F who I meet up for coffee at least once a month.  C and I have maintained a private message thread on Multiply for 1 whole year and topics covered ranged from her wedding, to crafts, to fashion, etc.  F, a fellow book lover, who introduced me to Laura Lee Guhrke and Elizabeth Hoyt and now to Lorraine Heath. ^_^  

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