Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 11: The best place --

December: 11 The best place
A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

My favorite places would have to be coffee shops. Madge Cafe, Starbucks and the newly-opened Bluejay at Ayala Technohub.

Coffee shops are usually my only chance to read newspapers (we don't have a regular subscription) -- and to have a bit of quiet.  It also helps that the coffee is extra fuel for the day.

Madge is top of my list because it is the homiest, friendliest, happiest place a person could be in.  And the coffee is delicious.  It's an unpretentious place with a very, very, very long tradition -- and there is comfort and assurance in entering such a place.

Starbucks opened in Iloilo last January -- so they will be celebrating their birthday very soon.  It's very convenient for us to go there because it's near my kids' school.  The greatest asset of Starbucks Iloilo is their staff.  Great set of people -- they immediately put people at ease.  And they are incredibly patient.  

I was once behind someone who couldn't make a decision about what to order -- the barista was so patient and so understanding -- they offered that other person a small taste of a few of Starbucks offerings.

I was at Bluejay just once -- and they claim they have the Best ensaymada in Iloilo.  (It's not -- but it is very, very delicious.)  The place has a nice interior and, when you go at the right time, it's very quiet.

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