Saturday, October 23, 2004

Corny naman yung names nila --

Your Boobies' Names Are: Betty and Veronica

* * *

Watched this last night --

House of Flying Daggers -- am glad I watched it.

I felt the ending was a bit off -- and I read somewhere that Zhang Yimou had to rewrite the ending because he had wanted Anita Mui in the movie (and I guess she had an important role in it), but she died. Instead of replacing the actor, he rewrote it and kept Anita Mui's name in the credits.

For people who haven't seen this movie, it's still showing in some theaters -- try to watch it.

* * *

On Moviegoers and Theater etiquette --

My J and I saw the movie in Galleria yesterday -- considering that this movie is about two weeks old, we had figured no one would be in the theater to watch it na. (I really hate crowded theaters.)

We were half-way through the movie when a group of people came in and sat behind us. Pucha they were so loud! This one guy kept speaking in a LOUD voice (may twang pa talaga -- bwiset) and was eating -- get this -- a BURGER inside the theater.

I thought that was an odd contradiction -- (or I'm really just guilty of creating stereotypes) but I'd like to believe that, if:

a. you have a twang then
b. you are educated (and he did sound educated -- I wouldn't be surprised if that moron is from Ateneo) so
c. you should know how to behave inside the movie theater.

When the movie ended, the morons were wondering what the movie was about -- (and you could hear the disappointment in their voices. One of them went, "That was it?")

Well, if you come in in the middle of the movie and
you keep distracting yourself from the movie by talking to your friends loudly and
you are eating a frickin burger during a subtitled movie then
you really wouldn't understand what the movie was all about.

And his phone rang pa.

Some people talaga. Bleh.

I'm actually tempted to discuss theater/movie etiquette to my classes next sem. I'm teaching lit classes so it's inevitable that we watch plays or movies and I want my kids to behave properly when they're in the cinema.

This is a very interesting essay that we read in En10. Maybe I'll ask my classes to reread this and then we can talk about how to behave when watching a play or movie.

* * *

But my J and I had fun! --

Traffic yesterday was terrible! It's a straight line from my area to Galleria and it usually takes us about 15 minutes to get there by jeep.

We couldn't even get a jeep last night so we ended up riding a bus (a first for both of us ^_^). We were lucky to get an air-conditioned bus but still had to walk from POEA to Galleria.

At the cinemas, we got our popcorn (Caramel for me and BBQ for him) and our drinks and watched our movie.

After the movie, we rushed over to Podium to buy a board game for my youngest bro (who finally got his MA degree from NUS -- congrats! ^_^)

And then we treated ourselves to Delifrance goodies at 30% off -- yum!

Oh, and we bought a plastic Viking helm from Toy Kingdom (in Podium, they have a little Halloween stall there) and proceeded to take turns wearing it when we got home. ^_^

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