Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oprah Moment --

The first time I wore a skirt was when I graduated from college six years ago. I had it made in Iloilo and I even chose the cloth for it. I was so excited to have it and couldn't wait for an occasion to wear it.

The occasion came and I wore my skirt, feeling so wonderful in something that I had helped make.

And then I'm told that it didn't look good on me -- I didn't have the figure for it.

The next time I decided to wear a skirt was a year later. I was enjoying my job (and the salary) in Xavier and felt it was time to make a transition from ? (I wasn't a kid, but I didn't think I was an adult yet) to adulthood.

One of the ways I made this transition was in the clothes that I wore.

This was my bible.

I also had help from my friend, C (super-bonding summer!).

That summer, we would spend hours going around malls and department stores. She helped me build the foundation of my current wardrobe.

She had this philosophy, which I follow to this date:
If you feel good on the inside, then you will look good on the outside.
If you look good on the outside, then you will feel good on the inside.

For the most part, I get by pretty well, without experiencing episodes of insecurity about my body. But there are those times when I absolutely hate myself.

And then, I got an Oprah moment (a moment of enlightenment; a you-go-girl! moment)

I am lucky to live in a time when women are slowly becoming more comfortable about their bodies. Walking around campus, I love seeing the many shapes of women dressed so prettily. They aren't limited by their size -- they manage to look good.

I like it that women are showing their curves.

* * *

A Visit! --

This whole week, I've been stressed out checking papers and seeing my students for consultation. I finally got sick checking papers (literally! A fever!) last Sunday.

And today, just when everything was turning bleak and I still had a stack of papers to check, I got treated to a wonderful visit from E!.

And he came bearing gifts pa -- a copy of Tuck Everlasting. ^_^

That was a bright spot in my day. (Thanks, E. Coffee some time soon? Hopefully G can join us. *ahem* pokes G ^_^)

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