Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Wish/Want List! --

I love making my yearly Christmas Wish List.

It makes me focus and prioritize my "wants" for the coming year.

I think my yearly list also reflects what my interests are at the time I am writing said list.

Can you guess what the theme is this year? ^_^

1. I would love to get a necklace from Bear and the Honeybee. (Especially the Sweet Blue Daisy or the Sunshine Daisy)

2. A sewing machine from Manila Sewing. She had a Janome Elves a month ago and I missed out on it. I've been tempted by the QT by Merritt machine -- but there's a part of me that's holding out for a Janome.

This is a strange want for me because I don't sew and I don't know how to sew. Hahahahaha!

3. A smaller point-and-shoot. My Powershot A640 still works very well and I'm generally happy with the pictures I take using it. But I'd love a smaller, lighter point-and-shoot. I've been looking at the Canon Ixus 120 and 130.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can justify buying a new camera.

4. I want this bag from Kate Spade.

I don't really buy designer bags but, when I saw this one, I wanted to have it. There's a clutch version but it's way, way beyond my means.

5. More rubber stamps. And a stamp pad. And more blank paper to stamp on.

6. A food processor. It is mystifying how Nigella uses it for EVERYTHING. I want one also! (For the future, when I decide I want to make a crumb base for cheesecakes.)

7. A new Macbook (Pro? Air?). My current Macbook White has cracks and chips and whatnot. It's been stepped on and dropped by both kids. It's still alive. But I want a new one. ^_^

8. A subscription to Romantic Times. It's a great guide to new authors and to new releases.

I really should just get myself a subcription.

9. A tin of Old Bay seasoning. I've seen on many cooking shows that this is an essential ingredient in making anything seafood-related. (Crab Cakes, Seafood mix for sandwiches, etc)

10 A trip somewhere. (I want to travel with my friends F and her hubby and maybe have our kids tag along. Although that would be hellish. I would also love to travel with C.)

11. Books by Ina Garten. (The Barefoot Contessa.) She's my second favorite cooking show personality after Nigella.

12. A mini saddle bag from Cath Kidston. I was all set to have Johann buy me one in Singapore but the store that sells Cath Kidston is in Tanglin Mall and it was a bit out of the way for him.

13. A cute necklace from Gingersnaps. I don't think it's meant for someone like me -- but I've seen the designs and they are so, so cute! (I've seen the Alice in Wonderland-themed one. Very nice!)

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