Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11: 11 Things --

(Yay! I've caught up!)

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
(Author: Sam Davidson)

1. About 30 pounds of weight. I can't use "post pregnancy" as an excuse anymore because Anya is almost 2.

2. Sugar. Not the white stuff because we don't really use sugar for anything. But the sugar content in the stuff me and my family eat. We're actually very vigilant and don't usually buy anything with more than 7g of sugar ... but the temptation of chocolates ... and Krispy Kreme ... and juice in tetra packs.

3. Negativity. I want next year to be about "yes" and "can do" --

4. Anger. I used to be very patient and very zen. Then I became intolerant and angry all the time. I want to find a good balance in my temperament. (And I will try to stop swearing so much.)

5. Silence. I don't listen to music that much -- and neither do the kids (which is why Seth is unfamiliar with Nursery Rhymes and stuff) -- I will try to change this for next year. I went my kids to be the loudest singers of Nursery Rhymes in their school.

6. Small, useless things -- I accummulate lots of these small things for 50 pesos and 100 pesos. They bring instant gratification and nothing more. When I look at all these small objects that are cluttering up drawers and shelves, I realize I could have pooled all that money and gotten myself something of greater value and use.

7. Frumpy clothes -- I have become a lazy dresser and I don't think too much about what I wear when I go out. I haven't bought anything for myself since January. (It's part of forgetting about myself: the weight, the dry skin, etc, etc) -- but I'm trying to take better care of myself and I've allocated time for myself every day. I have declared next year as "me" year. ^_~

8. Flat shoes -- I have 2 pairs of Crocs flats -- a pair of Cotton Pink Prima, which I've had for a very long time and a pair of Cotton Pink Malindi, which I bought last year. I think it's time I wore heels. (I am planning to buy one last pair of flats ... a pair of Crocs Lady. In Cotton Pink!)

9. (Too much) TV, Internet, iPod time -- the amount of time I spend on these things horrifies even me. I could have accomplished so much more if I could give up even 20% of the time I spend on these things.

10. My (over)dependence on my credit card -- Part of my new financial plan is to limit my use of my credit card. I've taken it for granted and have become careless with the decisions I make regarding my purchases. Hopefully, I'll be more prudent in what I spend my money on this coming year.

11. Ego -- sometimes I think I have all the answers and I refuse to admit that there is a better way of seeing/doing something. Thank goodness I have a husband, a sister and a mother who can shake some sense into me and there's God who reminds me weekly of the value of humility.

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